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Welcome to Fitspiration from Integrity Training Systems

Check out our new classes for August!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Join us for Group Training Classes located in our Integrity Training Systems Headquarters!

Monday 6pm: Barbell Basics with Mike Stout

Tuesday 6pm: Cardio Intervals, H.I.T. Training with Misti Weatherford 7pm: Yoga, Stretching & Foam Rolling with Lisa Klaus-Ogden 7-9pm: Legs with Misti Weatherford

Wednesday 9:30am: Power Hour with Julie Marling 6pm: Arms with John Morris

Thursday 5pm: Legs with Debbie Portell 6pm: Cardio H.I.T. with Debbie Portell 7pm: Stretching, Foam Rolling & Mobility with Mike Stout

Friday 6am: Cardio with Julie Marling 12-2pm: Back and Shoulders with Debbie Portell

Saturday 7am: Arms, Biceps & Triceps with Debbie Portell 8am: Legs with Debbie Portell 8am: Chest with John Morris 9am: Cardio, Intervals, H.I.T. with Debbie Portell 10am: Yoga, Stretching & Foam Rolling with Lisa Klaus-Ogden & Julie Marling

Sunday:  7am: Back with John Morris 8am: Shoulders with John Morris

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