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Private Personal Training

Our private personal training sessions are completely tailored to your needs, abilities and goals.

At Integrity Training Systems, our personal training programs are about more than simply “working out.” Our goal is to help you develop a healthy lifestyle - not just meet a goal. 

Our first session begins with a detailed fitness assessment to learn about your goals, hurdles, muscle imbalances, and postural deviations. We then create a very detailed flexibility plan specific to you. This plan includes stretching, foam rolling, and corrective exercises. Within 7 days you start seeing and feeling changes, and you’re ready to start your training. 

Many personal training programs fail because a person can only become as strong as their weakest area. Our personal training program identifies your weaknesses right away. So you can begin correcting them and truly get stronger. 

Personal Training Sessions
Private Personal Training Clients

Within the first week of our program, you will notice you can breathe easier, have less digestive issues, have less restriction in your hips and shoulders, less body pain, fewer headaches, and more!  

Our Clients hire us for results, which is exactly what you will get. Whether you want to improve your overall health, shed some weight, or just overcome obstacles you never thought you could, we are the personal trainers for you.


Our personal training is done at our state of the art Wellness & Fitness facility. A completely private facility reserved by appointment only. So there are no worries of being in an overcrowded space, or being judged by other people. 

You can purchase a single session, or packages of 8, 16, or 24 sessions.

At Integrity, we understand how busy your life is. We know one of the biggest challenges to start an exercise regimen is making the time. We do everything we can to help fit into your schedule. We’re available 7 days a week from 5am until 8pm, and we even offer childcare!

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Our personal trainers are handpicked by Debbie, and the best in St. Louis.

We love and respect everyone of our trainers, but don’t take our word for how great they are, see what our happy clients have to say!


Not sure if our private personal training programs are for you?

We’re here to answer any questions you have, and can even offer a tour of our facilities!

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