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Group Personal Training Sessions to Motivate and Get Results

When you want to get stronger than you ever thought you could, and achieve results that have seemed impossible, group personal training sessions at Integrity Training Systems are your new superpower. 

Working out with group personal training at Integrity training systems in O'fallon, MO

Our group personal training sessions offer you individualized training with the power of group motivation. 

Nothing can get you more motivated to achieve your health goals than a supportive community of champions. The Group Personal Training sessions at Integrity are designed to pair you with a small group of 3-6 similarly health-focused individuals and the most successful personal trainers in St. Louis.  

To start, we perform a one-on-one fitness assessment to learn about your goals, hurdles, muscle imbalances, and postural deviations. We then create a very detailed flexibility plan specific to you. This plan includes stretching, foam rolling, and corrective exercises. Within 7 days you start seeing and feeling changes, and you’re ready to start your training.

One on one Training
Plans for all ages - Group Personal Training

Starting at only $35,

group personal training sessions can be purchased one at a time or in a package.

Kettle Bell Training

Group Personal Training Sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday

We understand how busy your life is, and we know one of the biggest hurdles
to starting an exercise regimen is making the time. We do everything we can to make our
group personal training programs fit your schedule with classes on evenings and weekends. 


6 pm

Athletic Performance


6 pm

Cardio Intervals, H.I.I.T. Training

7 pm



6 pm
7 pm



6 pm

Cardio H.I.I.T.


8 am

Back & Shoulders

Debbie Portell Morris
John Morris, Personal Trainer at Integrity Training Systems
Personal Trainer - Integrity Training Systems
Mike Stout_edited_edited.jpg
Personal Trainer - Integrity Training Systems
Personal Trainer - Integrity Training Systems
Forrest Boston

We hand pick all of the personal trainers at Integrity. You will find only the most passionate, friendly, and experienced personal trainers in our sessions. In fact, the personal trainers in our group personal training sessions are our very best trainers in order to give access to the most people. 

They, along with your fellow trainees, will motivate you to get started to achieve the results you have been wishing for!

Get Started

Register For Group Training Classes

  • Join Misti at our group session dedicated to cardio intervals.

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    35 US dollars
  • Join Misti at our group training session dedicated to legs.

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    35 US dollars
  • Join John Morris in our group training session dedicated to arms.

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    35 US dollars

The personal trainers in our group training sessions are the best in St. Louis.

We love and respect every one of our trainers, but don’t take our word for how great they are, see what our happy group training participants have to say!

Think a private session might be better?


We’re here to answer any questions you have, and can even offer a tour of our facilities! 

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