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All the Answers You Need to Start a Healthier Lifestyle

Getting started on the path to a healthier life can be a complex process. We get alot of questions as people try to navigate the best approach for their fitness and health. Below are a few of our most common questions. If you can't find the answers you need, just ask!

Do I need to be healthy and in shape to work with Integrity Training Systems?

No! We help people of all fitness and health levels. All you need is a desire to improve your health, strength, and fitness. Whether you've never worked out, or you're a seasoned pro looking to reach that next level. Our programs will help you get where you want to be. 

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Do I have to use your nutrition program to get a personal trainer or vice versa? 

No! While our nutrition programs and personal training program definitely complement each other, you do not have to do both. If eating healthier is your primary goal, you can just participate in our nutrition services. If you already have your healthy diet underway, a little motivation to get your body in better shape with our great personal training services may be all you need. 

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients - so as soon as you meet us, you'll know what program(s) is best for you! 

It's easy to meet us - let's chat! 

Am I too old or too young for your services? 

Of course not! We train people of all ages and abilities! We have some clients in their teens looking to improve their fitness for sports, and we help many seniors who are looking for more mobility and longevity. The fact that our services are offered 1 on 1 or in small groups is great for all ages. No pressure. Just wonderful motivation all around you! 

Will your personal trainers come to my home or current gym? 

We don't offer this service at this time. Our personal trainers run very tight schedules - keeping all the appointments at our facilities ensures they're able to help as many clients as possible. 

Do I have to buy your food products to use your nutrition program? 

Of course not! Our programs are set up to customize your diet and exercise to your exact situation and needs. We even teach you how to have great nutrition when you're away from home and your standard groceries. 


You will never be asked to purchase our products to get results. Though we do warn you, if you do purchase our recommendations you may fall in love. 


Check out some of our great cookbooks, personal training books, Sophie's Protein Bakery, and all the products we recommend for healthy living on Amazon! 

Do I have to use your personal trainers to use your gym and fitness facilities? 

Yes. We offer a completely relaxed and private health and wellness fitness center to our clients. Using our trainers ensures you know how to properly use the equipment, and your own muscles. It also ensures we keep our facility at comfortable occupancy. While you do need to use our personal trainers to gain access - once you're a client, you can use our facilities even when you don't have a personal trainer appointment. Just schedule in advance! 

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Can I have a free consultation to see if I like your programs? 

Of course! We start every nutrition program and personal training service with an interview. We want to learn about your needs to customize your program for success. We even offer tours of our facility. It's easy to get a free consultation - check it out!

Do you offer any guarantees? 

While we don't offer the teasers you hear from most gyms, 30 days or your money back, etc., we do put Debbie's Personal Guarantee on everything we do. We know you'll love our services. Our consultation is so comprehensive, you'll know you're finding the right program. If you are ever unhappy with any product or service from Integrity Training Systems, we're just a phone call or email away! We love our clients - and strive to be sure they love us too! 

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