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What we feed our kids for breakfast can wreck the rest of their day…

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I had to feed my kid something before school. I didn’t want them to go to school hungry and it’s all we had. Do you understand that your kid would literally be 100 times better off in a fasted state all the way til lunch instead of fueling them with brain disturbing, gut disturbing inflammatory sugar packed foods. These are disease causers. If your child is not performing. If your child is not behaving. What are they being fueled with. This is not a good choice. Ever. You can make better choices than this. Trust me! We will discuss better options and how to navigate through it all to keep your kids healthy so they can focus. Their focus STARTS in their gut. If they have attention issues think of how healthy their gut is. Stop the sugar burning furnace today. Listen today at 2pm on FM News talk 97.1. Get a fresh perspective from Roger and I. Start changing your own lifestyle and your kids will follow. I promise. www.integrity training

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