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Training with Mike Stout

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I first became a trainer because I enjoyed working out and seeing my own transfor­mation from exercise. I liked how I looked but more importantly, how I felt. I want­ed to share this with as many people as I could so that they would be able to achieve the same results and the same feelings I went through.

I am a trainer because I have a passion for helping people. It is such a rewarding feeling watching the emotions people have when they hit a goal that is important to them. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when they are able to tell me how much better they feel, physically and mentally.

I quickly learned that not everyone that comes in to see me wants to have a killer workout. Most of my clients were dealing with aches and pains and wanted to have them resolved. That is when I started educating myself on injuries, stretching, and corrective exercises. I absolutely get excited and pumped if a client hits a big lift that they have been working towards, but when I have a client tell me that they can go up and down the stairs with out getting out of breath and not having pain in their there knees or back, that is the real accomplishment that makes me happy.

What inspires you to wake up each day and live your passion each day? My clients inspire me to set an example and keep sharing the ever growing knowledge that I have on health and fitness. I want all of my clients to know the difference of good form versus bad form, not just what it looks like but what it feels like so they can correct it on their own as well as understanding why they need to be in a certain position and how it benefits them.


Client Testimony – Jim Light

Having just been released from spinal surgery, I looked for the perfect rehab. I found it to be a company named Integrity. I was assigned a therapist named Mike Stout, and couldn’t have been happier with the choice. All post op problems are being addressed and I am improving rapidly.

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