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Training with Mike Lumia

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

A lot of things made me a trainer starting with always being in­volved in sports mainly wrestling and BJJ/MMA. I started getting more interested in to the fitness sides of these sports. I started having other people ask me for advice on weight loss & will I help them to get motivated to workout. I was constantly in the gym working out trying new exercises to see what would end up chang­ing my body. I finally decided to get certified through NASM, which is a great accomplishment but in my opinion after this I still wasn’t a trainer. I knew I needed more so I went out to look for more training. I had met with other gyms who were ready to put me out on the floor just because of the certification I had, but I de­clined their offer. I meet with Integrity and they recommended I do 6 sessions with every trainer they have. I knew it was a lot to take on but believed that the best training I was looking for was here. I learned so much from every trainer here from workouts, exercises, nutrition, and be the best version of myself. Everyone at Integrity made and continues to make me a better trainer.

There are many reasons why I became a trainer which makes it hard to explain. I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say ”because of you I didn’t give up.” I was working out with one of my co-workers at the fire department. He was saying all morning how he wanted me to come up with a workout for him and motivate him to do it. So I did, I created him a workout and pushed him through it. At the end he was tired, sweating, & out of breath. He looked at me and said ”Thanks man, that was a great workout there is no way I could of done it without you.” That’s why I am a trainer.

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