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Training with Courtney Stretar

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

From a young age I remember being so intrigued by the human body! I was a classically trained ballerina as well as a gymnast. I would come home from gymnastics and teach my younger siblings what I learned each week and ate up every opportunity to show my friends and family what I was passionate about.  I enjoyed the conditioning part of my classes so much that I would set up circuits of different gymnastics skills and training for fun.

One of my ballet teachers made a point to teach us about the muscles we were using while we danced.  She taught us how to spell them, how to engage them and what they were used for. There is nothing like a 7 year old telling her friends how to spell gastrocnemius!

In my later years of high school I started teaching gymnastics and soon realized that teaching was a passion that God had given me and I knew I needed to use that in my life to help others.  I believe when I am using the gifts God has given me, I come alive.  With coaching gymnastics, I enjoyed the challenge of creating new ways for my students to learn a skill. No two kids learn the same way and I had a blast putting together strength and conditioning drills for them to get stronger.

I first heard of Integrity through my mom. She started attending sessions with a trainer and also went through Debbie’s nutrition program. I was so impressed with the accountability that she received through Integrity. I know my mom would say Integrity changed her life. At the time, I was living in Arizona and wanted to be a part of what my mom was experiencing. She would call me and fill me in on everything Debbie was teaching her and how much she loved working out with people that cared about her health.

In my spare time I would find myself reading about workouts and specific exercises as well as nutrition.  I began to notice a common theme around me through conversations with people everyday. They wanted to lose weight, get stronger and learn to be healthier. In August of 2017, my husband (brad), daughter (evelyn) and I moved back to St. Louis. I was excited to connect with integrity because of how drastically they impacted my mom’s life!

I love that I get to work with dedicated trainers everyday! I am a trainer not just because of my passion and love for fitness, but because I thrive on the opportunity to be a light in someone’s life by helping them be the best version of themselves they can! Helping people reach their goals and seeing the confidence they gain in doing so is priceless. That is why I am a trainer today!

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