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The Scharf Family Testimonials

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

-Sandi Scharf

I fortunately met Debbie because of my husband’s search for help for his chronic body pain and to help our sons remain injury free and competitive in their sports endeavors. He scheduled an appointment for our family to meet with her to discuss exercise and nutrition advice. I went into the meeting thinking that I was there primarily to support my family because I do most of the shopping and food preparation.

Debbie focused on each of us as individuals and she helped me tremendously with my chronic digestive issues. She listened carefully to what I was eating and drinking and to my exercise routine. She made rec­ommendations for nutritional changes and increased water intake and with her advice I no longer have the digestive issues I had for 30 years of my life! She was able to get me to understand that what I was eat­ing was causing my issues and that I did not need prescriptions or surgery to help myself. Since following Debbie’s recommendations, I have felt more energetic, and I am able think more clearly, have been able to maintain a healthy weight, and have been following a regular exercise routine including lifting weights and jogging at age 55!

Even long after out meetings, Debbie has so graciously remained available to answer any of our questions regarding making good food choices, recipe ingredient substitutions and exercise. Debbie thank you so much for helping us !!! 28

-John Scharf

September 1, 2015, 202 pounds, July 1, 2016, weight has lev­eled out at 155 pounds! C-Reactive Protein, inflammatory mark­er was elevated at around 6.5 for many years and now is at 2.2, well within the normal range! Although my diet was not horrible relative to the standard American diet, Debbie worked with me as to my specific needs and brought me light years ahead in greatly reducing inflammation and weight as well as increasing energy and mental clarity.

I have been training with integrity fitness and making strong progress physically and structurally as well. This has all been very helpful for me in dealing with inflammatory issues and neck, back and lower body structural issues which are quite in­tense. The unending time and caringness that Debbie has put in for me and my family has been a blessing and has been positive for us as to each our individual lifestyle needs.

We look forward to working with Debbie for years to come and I know that the hard work she puts forth to share her knowledge and experience will bring about a healthy and happier future for us as well as many others.

-Michael Scharf

Since the start of working with Debbie at Integrity Fitness, I have noticed great improvement in my overall performance as an athlete. I am a collegiate soccer player so the physical strain put on my body year round can be quite high. I am on the field six to seven days a week and do weight lifting on top of that so I knew nutrition would be the key to improving as a player.

Before working with Debbie, I had experienced issues with inflammation and injuries; I would experience muscle strains, tendinitis, and joint pain. These injuries held back my development as a player and at times kept me sidelined from the game altogether. When my family decided to begin working with Integrity Fit­ness I hoped that a change in nutrition would help me alleviate some of these issues.

Debbie was able to show me how to truly target what foods my body needed (or didn’t need) and how the foods I ate would affect my body’s inflammatory process, recovery ability, and overall output on the field as well as in the weight room. I have since seen dramatic improvement in my ability to quickly recover from wear and tear on a daily basis. Injuries have been minimal if any; inflammation is better dealt with and inju­ries are prevented. I have been able to play many more minutes than my teammates without injury and with less fatigue. I have also been able to create a good source of energy for games through pregame meals that Debbie has helped me plan which has helped me maintain more consistent performances over the course of my season.

I will definitely take the nutrition principles I have learned from Integrity Fitness forward with me through­out my playing career as I push to reach higher and higher levels, as well as further in my life after my competitive playing days are over. My change in nutrition has really opened my eyes to the power of food and the role it can play for athletes looking to improve their game. 30

-Matthew Scharf

As an 18 year old collegiate soccer player, I was able to lose ten pounds and sustain a lean, healthy weight with Debbie’s advice and passion for nutrition. This difference helped my stay fit, kept me from getting injuries and allowed my body to recover quickly when playing at a high level of soccer. Every time my family and I visited in order to get advice from Debbie, she showed so much devotion to helping us live a healthier life that it truly changed the way we thought about nutrition and exercise. By altering our attitudes and understanding of the things we put in our body everyday and how we train our body, Debbie was able to help change my family’s life for the positive!

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