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Passionate Personal Trainers Committed to Your Health

Personal Trainer

Gina Steinmann

Trainer + Strength Coach


I’m a personal trainer and certified strength coach. I’m a mom to 3 teenagers and a dog (my favorite child).  I enjoy weight lifting, running, cooking, and sunshine as well as hanging out with my family. A perfect day for me would include some of each of the afore mentioned things.

I’m motivated knowing there is someone out there whose life may be transformed forever by the knowledge, guidance and courage I bring to them. I’ve LIVED the journey myself.  I’ve suffered through the agony of weight loss. I set small goals for myself and accomplished those goals.  I’ve lost the weight, gained endurance and gained muscle.   I’ve changed my body entirely.  Small changes over time add up to big changes. I’ve set the bar higher over and over again.  Setbacks have happened. I’ve overcome.  I have lived ALL THE STRUGGLES.  I KNOW you can overcome yours.

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