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Passionate Personal Trainers Committed to Your Health

Personal Trainer

Debbie Portell Morris

Health & Nutrition Coach + Trainer


Years ago, Debbie began experiencing frightening symptoms, including weight loss, weight gain, and debilitating pain. After visiting 22 doctors, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an auto-immune disease of the thyroid, and finally found a team of doctors willing to help her. The biggest improvement in her health came from changing her food. She completely eliminated dairy, gluten, soy, corn, pork, shellfish, peanuts, and sugar, and became a different person as a result. 

Debbie started lifting weights with her dad in sixth grade. From 8th to 10th grade, she was blessed to have the op­portunity to work out at George Turners’ Gym. This changed her life. After George closed his gym, her family moved to Powerhouse, where she would one day become a personal trainer for 12 years. Debbie became a trainer, because she felt a call to motivate people to live differently. She wanted to inspire them to change their spirit and move out of settling for status quo. 

Over time, her enthusiasm became contagious. And her passion drove her to work at four gyms at once to serve those coming to her for help. She also began broadcasting to share her knowledge, via radio and podcasts.


Overall, Debbie is driven by her passion for the Lord and to help his people live out His call for their life. This is why she started Integrity Training Systems: To be a life-changing, spirit-strengthening ministry where lives are changed!

At Integrity, Debbie loves to help those who have given up on themselves or even on life. She jumps out of bed everyday begging God for His will to be done and for transformation in her clients’ lives, both through Functional Nutrition and training. Not only does she look forward to the day they end their love affair with food, but more importantly, for the day they surrender their hearts and life to the Lord. After all, without Jesus we will never be satisfied.

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