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Nutrition Masterclass: Episode 2

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The Nutrition Masterclass is taught by Functional Nutrition Coach & Owner of Integrity Training Systems, Debbie Portell Morris. In this episode, she is joined by Personal Trainer, her husband, John Morris. In this 60-minute episode, Debbie and John teach us how to make four clean dishes: Crispy Hamburger, Chipotle Quinoa, Mushroom Shallot Green Beans, Insta Beans, and a Spring Berry Vanilla Smoothie as a delicious dessert. Every dish they bring to us is completely clean - free of sugars, nitrates, preservatives, MSG, gluten, and dairy. And they are all delicious! When you purchase this episode, you will receive the video, the Grocery List for all of these recipes, including ideal brand names, the recipes themselves, and recommended cooking ware. Through this episode, and all of Debbie's cooking classes, we learn that clean eating does not have to be bland. In fact, it can be more delicious (and absolutely more nutritious) than the dishes served up at restaurants today. As you watch, you will learn about nutrient-density, balancing blood sugar, and how to truly nourish your body while staving off disease.

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